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Rickenbacker 620/12

1986 Rickenbacker 620/12

All Chords in One Octave

All Chords in One Octave?

Traditionally, a chord is 3 or more notes sounding at the same time. And composers often limited themselves to chords within a scale, while the daring found novel ways of expanding the common musical palette beyond traditional, elementary restrictions.
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Kelly – Camarones En La Playa Songwriting Guitar Lessons

Songwriting lessons focus on chords, melody and song structure to show you how to piece a song together that your friends and family will enjoy.

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How to Hold a Guitar


Many beginning guitarists don’t realize that how you hold the guitar affects how easy or difficult something is to play.

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Guitar Practice Tips for Beginners

The first guitar practice tip is this: spend as much time during your practice session as possible pick in hand, guitar strap on, your fingers moving, mind engaged!

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What is a fretboard diagram?

A fretboard diagram is a picture showing you where to put your fingers on a guitar to play chords.

How to make sense of a fret board diagram

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