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Training the Creative Musician

Samuel John Guitar Lessons : Training the Creative Musician

Training the Creative Musician


It has really low action, too! (That means the strings lay closer to the frets)

Me with my Rickenbacker 620/12.

I train creative musicians using composition techniques, music and guitar theory, recording and practice techniques to write Rock, Metal and Indie.

My goal is to help creative musicians to expand their ideas of what kind of music is possible, inspiring them to make more interesting, more creative, more innovative songs and compositions.

I like to teach by examples, exploring well written songs, compositions, guitar riffs, chord progressions, guitar chords, rhythms and a variety of styles.

For a examples of my own music, check this out.


I have performed with The Ft. Worth Youth Orchestra, UTA Jazz Ensemble and Latin Jazz Bands, Faint Image, The Elderstatesmen, Artist’s Night Out, DaVerse Lounge, artlovemagic, Garrett Potter, Balance Problems . I have written, recorded for a feature length movie, Night to Fly, as well as a few tracks for Take the Spotlight.

If you reside in the Dallas, Fr. Worth or Arlington area, give me a call at 817-564-4977 to start your lessons!


  1. Hi
    My name is Tobias, and I come from Switzeland. My stay here in Texas is 1 year. I work in a companie in Grand Prairie. I am looking for a new hobby.
    I would like to start playing guitar. (never played before) Do you offers lessons for beginers? I have no guitar, but I will buy one.
    Is it possible to rent a guitar, during my stay in Texas (or buy a guitar – second hand)

    Thanks for you answer!
    kind regards
    Tobias Honegger

    • Hi Tobias,
      Welcome to Texas! I do offer lessons for beginners focused on learning the basics through writing songs. There are plenty of guitars to pick up second hand. Give me a call and I’d be happy to walk you through the process.
      Samuel John

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