Songwriting lessons focus on chords, melody and song structure to show you how to piece a song together that your friends and family will enjoy.

Kelly’s guitar lessons have been focused on studying finger-style guitar and songwriting with me for almost a year and she has made tremendous progress. Songwriting lessons helped her to explore chords and how they go together to make music. This song showcases several techniques that I teach in my lessons.

First, notice the contrast between the beginning section that uses finger-style technique and the later section that uses strumming. This is one way to add interest and variety to your song.

Second, notice that there are different chord progressions for the verse sections and the chorus sections of the songs. This gives the impression of movement and change.

Third, the bass melodies and snare drum rhythms accent the strumming patterns to create a cohesive whole.


Writing and recording your own music is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your time. Your recordings will preserve your creativity and be a source of pride and joy that you can share with family, friends, and musicians.

Let’s get started today!